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Cohiba Siglo de Oro: A Flavorful Journey Celebrating Traditions and Anniversaries

The world of cigars is vast and varied, but few releases garner as much attention as the Cohiba Siglo de Oro. This premium Cuban cigar, unveiled by the renowned distributor Habanos S.A., is not just another addition to the cigar aficionado's collection. It represents a double celebration: the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac and the 30th anniversary of the iconic Línea 1492 series.


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A Double Celebration: Year of the Rabbit and Línea 1492's 30th Anniversary

The Cohiba Siglo de Oro is a testament to the brand's commitment to tradition and innovation. Packaged in ornate 18-count boxes, this cigar not only acknowledges the Lunar New Year but also marks three decades of the Línea 1492 brand, commonly referred to as the "Siglo Series."



Flavor Profile: A Symphony of Notes

From the very first puff, the Cohiba Siglo de Oro reveals elegant notes of tanned leather. Despite its youth, this cigar exudes a certain maturity, a testament to its triple fermentation process. As you delve deeper into the smoke, the medium-bodied cigar offers a remarkably balanced experience, emanating spicy notes with a delicate roundness.

The first third of the cigar introduces a subtle bitterness reminiscent of green coffee, which gradually gives way to a distinct woody bouquet. As you transition to the second third, the flavors intensify, and the signature notes of Cohiba make their presence felt, delivering a harmonious blend of flavors with added smoothness.

The final third of the cigar is a revelation. It brings forth a surprising delicacy, with woody aromas that blend seamlessly with roasted and spicy notes. The Siglo de Oro ensures a full-bodied, well-balanced experience that lingers until the very last puff.

Innovations in Authenticity: NFC Technology

In a world where counterfeits are rampant, Cohiba has taken a significant step to ensure authenticity. Each box of Siglo de Oro includes an NFC chip affixed to the inner lid. This innovative feature allows users to scan the box with their smartphones for instant authentication, marking a first for Cuban cigar boxes.

NFC cohiba Siglo de oro

Global Launch and Availability

Initially unveiled in regions like Hong Kong, China, and parts of southeast Asia, the Cohiba Siglo de Oro has made waves in the cigar community. While the global availability is still anticipated, the buzz around this exclusive release is undeniable.


The Cohiba Siglo de Oro is more than just a cigar; it's a celebration of traditions, anniversaries, and the rich legacy of the Cohiba brand. Whether you're a seasoned cigar enthusiast or new to the world of premium cigars, the Siglo de Oro promises an unparalleled experience.