A shared passion, a true experience

The Spanish name SIGLOMUNDO, ‘Century’ and ‘World’, is a tribute to those values that do not change, symbolized by some objects that are able to increase their own value over time, becoming a true value luxury icon. Cigars belong to this category, as they are able to embrace centuries of craftmanship in a refined and unique product. Precious objects of desire able to attract collectors, aficionados and new passionate from all over the world.

Starting from a shared passion, our mission is to keep our clients at the heart of everything we do, understanding their individual needs and offering a unique transversal experience which starts from the deep historical roots of Cuban Cigars up to the present day.
Our core business is to create a trusted and long term relationship with our clients and partners providing them with our consolidated experience based on a deep product and market knowledge.
All our cigars come from the main official distributors, consolidate collector channels or from the most renowned sector auctions.