The present general terms and conditions of sale are brought to the attention of any Client, whether a natural or legal person, to  enable him to place an order through the present website or through our customer service. This Agreement constitutes the entire and only agreement between us ( / SIGLOMUNDO SAGL) and the Client and suspends all prior or contemporaneous agreements. This agreement can be amended by us at any time without need of specific notice to the Client. 

In the event of a contradiction between the versions of a contract or the conditions of sale translated into different languages, only the English version shall prevail.

Prior to place any order the Client declares that he/she has full legal capacity to commit himself/herself under these general conditions. 



SIGLOMUNDO SAGL refrains from selling and shipping tobacco-based derivative products to minors under the age of 18 and in any case in compliance with the regulations in the country of destination (which of the two values is more restrictive).

By clicking on any of the product links on the website, the Client is confirming that he/she is of legal age in his location of residence, and agrees that as part of the ordering process his age may be verified in available age verification databases. If you are not of legal age, use of our website is prohibited.



SIGLOMUNDO SAGL only works with official and unique importers in order to guarantee the authenticity and traceability of its cigars. Each cigar box is provided with: 

- the green Cuban "cello".

- the factory code and the production date;

- the sticker of the importer.

Due to their intrinsic nature our precious vintage cigars may not be accompanied by the mentioned labels. SIGLOMUNDO guarantees their authenticity and correct conservation.

We are particularly accurate in conserving and managing our stock in order to keep unaltered the excellent quality of our stock.  

Each box is checked by our quality control before the order is dispatched and is hermetically sealed to allow the cigars to retain their optimal humidity and aroma during the product delivery.



The prices of our products are indicated in Swiss Francs (CHF) and they do not include shipping costs. The selling prices of the products can be modified by SIGLOMUNDO SAGL at any time, as long as the prices invoiced are those in force on the date of the order. 

Payment may be processed in either CHF (Swiss Francs) or Euro, depending on the payment method chosen.The conversion rate from one currency to another will be determined by the prevailing exchange rate at the time of the transaction. Please note that any additional fees or charges associated with currency conversion may apply and will be the responsibility of the customer.



When you place your order you need to provide your personal data and declare that you accept the order and the general terms and conditions of sale.

Your order will be processed by our customer service department, and you you’ll receive a detailed order confirmation by e-mail. The order is considered accepted only after our confirmation.  

The confirmation receipt will confirm the exact amount charged and how your order will be delivered.

If products initially listed as being in stock prove to be unavailable after the order has been placed and we won’t be able to fulfill your order, we’ll inform by e-mail as soon as possible.

SIGLOMUNDO SAGL reserves the right to refuse any order



The Client needs to provide correct and authentic payment information and guarantees he/she has the necessary authorizations to use the payment method chosen.

Credit card provided by the Client will be charged for the full amount of the order immediately after he/she submits his payment details. The client will be invoiced only after confirmation of the order by us. In the event the client's order gets cancelled, the pre-authorization will get cancelled and the funds will be released within 7-10 business days.

Online payment by credit card is completely secure. The entire transaction is directed in encrypted mode to a bank validation server in SSL (Secure Socket Layer) mode. 



The customer has the right to cancel his order within 3 days from the date of acceptance and invoicing. In case of cancellation, a penalty of 21% of the order amount will be applied and retained at the time of refund.



In case of shipping the shipping cost will be agreed with the customer during the sale phase depending on the type of service requested, volume of the order and the geographic area affected by the shipment.

Depending on the choice of payment provider, delivery will only be made in Switzerland

The application of customs regulation and tobacco importation taxes related to the Country of destination will be the sole responsibility of the customer. Any costs related to customs duties and importation taxes are NOT included if the shipment is addressed to countries where the current legislation provides for duty payments. 

SIGLOMUNDO SAGL is not obliged to inform the Client of any customs duties or other applicable taxes.

By placing an order at SIGLOMUNDO SAGL, the Client acknowledges that he/she is  fully responsible for any duties and taxes charged by your local customs authorities, as well as all clearance procedures.

All our products are shipped in the most discreet possible way with the release of a tracking number for monitoring by the Client.

Postal delivery is approximately 4-10 working days for most of Europe, 6-10 working days for North America, 10-20 working days for Asia and the Pacific.
Actual delivery times may vary depending on the performance of the local postal organization of the country of destination over which SIGLOMUNDO SAGL has no control or responsibility. 

The delivery is shipped at the address indicated by the Client when ordering. It is the Client responsibility to provide all the necessary information for the correct delivery of the package. SIGLOMUNDO SAGL liability over the products sold ends when the products are handed over to the carrier. 

Any complaints made by the Client under the conditions and according to the procedures described in this article (* see the return & refunds chapter) do not suspend the payment by the customer of the goods concerned. The responsibility of our Company can in no way be called into question for events during transport, destruction, damage, loss or theft, even if it has chosen the carrier.

The sale and shipment of tobacco to the United States of America is not permitted.



As explained in the “Shipping and import fee” chapter the customer accepts the risk of damage or loss of the parcel during the transport. 



Delivery is guaranteed with the exception of situations resulting from customer mistakes such as: incorrect or incomplete address; change of address due to transfer or move; delivery failed due to the customer’s absence at the delivery address; alleged loss of the parcel(s) after delivery (parcel tracking shows that the delivery has taken place but the customer claims not to have received it); tobacco importation prohibited by local law in the country of receipt.
The customer acknowledges and accepts that no refund will be provided if the shipment is not delivered to the customer due to one of the reasons indicated above.

In case of return of a parcel where the items shipped are in conformity with the Client’s order we guarantee a second shipping attempt. For each returned parcel we will issue a RET document indicating the extra cost incurred and paid by  SIGLOMUNDO SAGL for the parcel inbound travel to Switzerland (normally via La Posta CH Economy) plus the new full shipping cost. 

The parcel will be dispatched and reshipped to the Client after the settlement of the amount indicated in the related RET document. The RET document will also indicate the new tracking number assigned to the new shipment.

In case of return of a parcel to our warehouses and products in good conditions the Client can renounce to a second shipping attempt and can request a refund excluding a percentage of administrative fee equal to 21%.  



In the event of a dispute following the receipt of the goods, customer is given 5 working days to send a complaint via email to the address:

SIGLOMUNDO SAGL will issue a RMA (Return Merchandising Authorization) which must be completed by the customer. 

The RMA also indicates how to return the goods.
Any refund or replacement of the product will be authorized only after the return procedure is completed and in any case after receipt of the goods in the SIGLOMUNDO SAGL warehouses. The goods must be returned in perfect condition and in its original undamaged packaging. 

The products to be returned must be sent to:


Corso San Gottardo, 38
6830 Chiasso


SIGLOMUNDO SAGL doesn’t accept returns for cigars that just you do not like and do not have quality issues



1. If the received package is externally damaged:

  • a picture of the package while still sealed showing the major impact points of the package and of the documents accompanying the package.
  • A picture of the open package without handling the goods.
  • A picture of the goods out of the package. WITHOUT OPENING THE PLASTIC FILM SURROUNDING THE VACUUM-PACKED PRODUCT. This guarantees that all cigars are intact and in perfect condition when they leave the warehouse.

2. In case of a compliant regarding the product:

  • A picture of the open package without handling the goods.
  • A picture of the goods out of the package. WITHOUT OPENING THE PLASTIC FILM SURROUNDING THE VACUUM-PACKED PRODUCT. This guarantees that all cigars are intact and in perfect condition when they leave the warehouse. 
  • Detailed description of the damage found on the products.

3. Send photos of the products requesting a complaint with the order number and the delivery date at

The time limit for validating your complaint is 5 days after receipt of your order, after this time, your complaint will not be processed and will be considered as validated by the customer.


In any case we invite you to take pictures of the goods upon receiving (open package without handling the goods; goods out of the package and still sealed) in order to be able to provide them in the unfortunate case of a claim.




For any legal dispute, the designated reference forum is that of Lugano (Switzerland), in accordance with the corporate address of SIGLOMUNDO SAGL.



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