In case of shipping the shipping cost will be agreed with the customer during the sale phase depending on the type of service requested, volume of the order and the geographic area affected by the shipment. 

Depending on the choice of payment provider, delivery will only be made in Switzerland

The application of customs regulation and tobacco importation taxes related to the Country of destination will be the sole responsibility of the customer. Any costs related to customs duties and importation taxes are NOT included if the shipment is addressed to countries where the current legislation provides for duty payments. 

SIGLOMUNDO SAGL is not obliged to inform the Client of any customs duties or other applicable taxes.

By placing an order at DIGLOMUNDO SAGL, the Client acknowledges that he/she is fully responsible for any duties and taxes charged by your local customs authorities, as well as all clearance procedures.

All our products are shipped in the most discreet possible way with the release of a tracking number for monitoring by the Client.

Postal delivery is approximately 4-10 working days for most of Europe, 6-10 working days for North America, 10-20 working days for Asia and the Pacific.
Actual delivery times may vary depending on the performance of the local postal organization of the country of destination over which SIGLOMUNDO SAGL has no control or responsibility. 

The delivery is shipped at the address indicated by the Client when ordering. It is the Client responsibility to provide all the necessary information for the correct delivery of the package. SIGLOMUNDO SAGL liability over the products sold ends when the products are handed over to the carrier. 

Any complaints made by the Client under the conditions and according to the procedures described in the TERMS & CONDITIONS article do not suspend the payment by the customer of the goods concerned. The responsibility of our Company can in no way be called into question for events during transport, destruction, damage, loss or theft, even if it has chosen the carrier.

The sale and shipment of tobacco to the United States of America is not permitted.